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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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time moments ago. jan carabeo joins us now on the bore walk with more on the able pact this closure bridges. >> good morning, ukee, erika. count t revel now the thirds casino to close here on the atlantic city boards walk in just the last eight months, and it won't be the last of course trump plaza scheduled to close in just two weeks, see behind me this morning of course that wine was taken down yesterday. this morning, that yellow chain was put up just few minutes ago, and this officially closed just few minutes ago. now, when the revel opened just two short years ago it, opened to great fanfare. not so today. just couple of security guards simply came out to the board walk and put up that chain and that was it. meanwhile, inside this is what the gaming floor looked like during the final hours, people here all night soaking in the final hours, playing the last hand, for the most part the casino was empty. in its two years, revel never turned a profit. and when it filed for bankruptcy for the second time this year it, never found a buyer. today's closure will mean more
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than 3,000 people are now without a job. it is a sad situation for everyone, i was able to speak just few minutes ago, to the last few people out of the doors before revel shutdown for good. people we saw on the whole place. we came back here, because we come back here at least once a week, and it is like our favorite place. it is beautiful rooms, amazing place, clubs are awesome. people awesome. very hospitable. always friendly but came to say good-bye to this place. >> that's a live look at the gaming floor this morning. those lights are still on. but revel is closed for business, and every once in a while see some employees gathered at the window soaking in the sites one last time of course, they'll eventually make their way out, and unfortunately, on to the unemployment line of course
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this is not going to be the last closure again, trump plaza scheduled for closer september 16th. that will will make it four closures in the last eight months, atlantic club close closed earlier, showboat closed sunday, today of course is revel's turn, then september 16th will be trump plaza. a lot of people out every jobs and looking for work in atlantic city. jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> let's remind everyone for laid off workers resource center available in the week. will run 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. starting this wednesday until september 10th, at the atlantic city convention center. there will be more than 100 work station toss help former employees file claims with the state department of labor, and other agencies. new this morning, a man was rushed to the hospital after an overnight shooting in mantua. officer responded to the scene at 41st and lancaster, for calls of shots fired. police say a 36 year old victim was shot once in the back, he's in stable
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condition. no word on motive just yet. and caution tape surrounds southwest philadelphia building that partially collapsed. "eyewitness news" on the 4800 block of woodland avenue, in kingsessing. now, we're told the second floor of the dominion christian fellowship center collapsed sending bricks and debris raining down on to the sidewalk. no one was hurt, but two cars did suffer minor damage. 6:03. let's get your traffic and weather together. we start with kate. >> i ukee, i have to tell you, it is incredibly sticky outside. real high dew points, they are into the 70s, in almost every single location, so the higher the dew point, the steamier it feels, again around the entire region you got a lot of moisture to work with right now. but it is quiet. very modest breeze, not helping to make it feel that much more comfortable, but at least storm scan3 is quiet. last couple of hours through the overnight one little renegade pocket of showers and thunderstorms now even off this particular loop.
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but clearly we have some trouble waiting in the wings herement next cold front starting to approach. it will take until i think at least the early evening before it actually starts to bring any kind of impact to our area. but when we lock through future weather we jump all the way to 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, i can't rule out pocket after shower or storm, heading tore say the time the kids are getting out of school maybe headed back here today. but mainly toward sunset and beyond that any wet weather would really strike us, still looks like it will come through not as solid line, rather as scattered variety of showers and storms. by tomorrow morning we clear out completely, left with lower humidity but still pretty decent warmth. where we stand with the temperatures, 76 at the airport, cooler by comparison through the outlying suburbs, sun about ready to come up. i would say 20, 25 minutes or so. so that sun will do its part. we will heat up easiliment expecting the high to easily hit the low 90s in philadelphia, today, no heat advisories, nothing like that posted but this may be little bit of shock your system because we haven't had too many days like this at least not in a long stretch, and it is going to be very steamy
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outside. just heads up later on in the day if you are going to hit the pool, shower or thunderstorm will rumble on through, we send it into you. >> good morning, everyone, coming off the holiday weaken, still dealing with the clean up of the made in america festival. let's get you outside, look at the parkway, we do have update for you. they are starting to allow some traffic. but still dealing with closures of some of the cross-streets. so, spring garden, 23rd, 25th, also, martin luther king drive out bound. so definitely seeing some progress, but still going to be setback in that area. so know that this morning. if you are traveling on the westbound side of the pa turnpike, dealing with here an overturned tractor-trailer situation. that is little bit out of the shot. we have the fire department on scene. did i see little bit of smoke earlier on. so they are getting this under control. but it is compromising the right hand lane of the westbound side of the pa turnpike at the bensalem off ramp. note that if that's where you are headed this morning. we take a look at the wide speed censors, still not awful. starting to see bit of slow down on the southbound side of 95 making your way down toward
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girard. fifty-five and 476, watch out for delays slightly on the 42 southbound, or northbound rather approaching the walt whitman bridge, erika? >> we have a look at the day's headlines today. matthew miller faces court appearance. prosecutors say, miller's stabbed a bensalem bucks county police officer, and stole his car in june. the officer is okay. philadelphia public school principal evelyn cortez and four teachers face preliminary hearing, another teacher waived her right to the hearing. they are accused of giving students the answers to standardized tests. >> and the willingboro burlington county township council will hear from the public tonight on name change for a community center. >> some want to see it renamed for president obama. >> students at council rock south are getting ready for their first day every school. as they grieve the loss of three sophomores. >> tragic accident claimed the lives of three young men saturday morning. family and friends are mourning the loss of ryan
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letter, seamus digney, and cullen keffer. a vigil will be held tonight to honor the victims. one thing i know i do want to express is heartfelt condolances for the families of the other two victims, who were ryan's friends, and they were buddies. >> vigil will be held at council rock south tonight at 7:30. >> this morning philadelphia police are is her clinic for the vandals who damage add handful of cars in the city's lawncrest section. now, this is not you what want to see when you wake up. imagine this happening to your car? neighbors say someone smashed the windshields on about ten cars on the 5200 block of f street early yesterday morning. they told police they saw a man swing ago chain on the street. one of the victims says this is not the first time her car has been targeted. >> we work hard for what we have. you know? i work at social services, my
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shawls contractor, so we buy everything that we have we buy ourselvesment and we are frustrate that some people just come and just destroy our property. >> we're told about 20 cars park nearby also had acid thrown on them sunday night. police are not sure if the attacks are connected. s military force haves struck back, apparently fighters for the network, video of the group, which has tied to al quaida. somali officials say the group launched sunday attack on interrogation center. >> president obama departs today for european trip that includes critical nato summit in whales thursday and friday. iraq will be one of the prime topics, now, meanwhile, british prime minister david cameron is calling for crackdown, wants them to have fewer seize the passports every citizens trying to
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support isis. >> people who declare the allegiance elsewhere are able to return to the united kingdom and pose a threat to our national security. >> says it now believes at least 500 people have traveled from britain to join revel groups including isis. >> right now 6:09. for the very first time, an experimental ebola vaccine will be tested on humans. that's coming up. >> also ahead, terrifying images of mother nature at her most fears, from tornados and thunderstorms, to baseball size hail and some crazy clouds in the sky. we'll take a look at the storms, that tore through the midwest, and what it means for us today. >> it is one ball two, strikes to phil, and the pitch. out toward the right side, caught by darren ruff, and the phillies recorded their 12 no-hitter. >> fighting phils making history in atlanta hear from the players coming up next in sports.
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>> ♪ >> oh, ya, the first day of school for some students, in our area. we wish you the very very best. study hard. make us proud. >> also, we would love to see your back to school pictures maybe the kids get up up, getting dressed, we would love to see what you're wearing back to school. tweet it to us with the hashtag cbs-3 mornings. here's the j-five. we'll be
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progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> mother nature here putting on quite a show. tornado even touched down in kansas. in michigan, strong wind
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uprooted trees, tore houses apart. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis reports tax same storm system now headed our wear. >> tornado touched down, damaging storms swept across the midwest. golf ball size hail fell, and winds sent debris flying, disrupting labor day celebrations. >> michigan man recovering after he and his wife were trapped in their home, after a tree crashed onto it. neighbors rescued them. >> i ran out the door, and hollered down there, and i saw her climbing through the west and, coy hear him yelling for help. in southwest iowa, dozen evacuated at a levy broke. >> all of this stuff going in several garages all over the place, where we sleep tonight, i don't know. i thank the lord i have flood insurance. >> the threat of severe weather now turns east. >> storms will continue to move eastward out of the
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midwest toward the ohio valley eventually into the northeast, up-state new york, under the gun, as well as much of central and western pennsylvania. >> the main threat now, damaging winds, large hail, flooding and possible tornados. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" >> so here it is, storm scan3, just saw future radar shown, and here it is, now starting to barrel down on the ohio river valley so from cincinnati straight back toward louisville, nasty, nasty thunderstorm cells rumbling through at this point. again, this is leading edge, of what is just larger frontal boundary that will eventually roll through. what we've got on our side basically is timing more than anything, because we have just as much heat, just as much moisture to work with as everybody else has seen with those storms starting to rumble in. notice the severe weather threat, while it is out, there slight risk today it, only goes out to central pa for strong winds, downpours, hail threat. we've seen renegade pockets of
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storms maybe it out of that slight risk zone, so i can't completely rule it out, but we have got much better chance to just see your run of the mill thunderstorms rumble through t looks like this front doesn't really get here until the time the sun's going down or later. so. that will actually help us out this time, meanwhile, today in the meantime we'll hit 92 degrees, hot, steamy day, and then later on those showers and storms will begin to fire up. come tomorrow, well, cold front. doesn't really cool us down all that much. rather, less humid, and the sun returns. victoria? >> thank you so much. katie. good morning, everyone, so the tricky thing is when you have overturned tractor-trailer, we have to get it up righted. it takes time. traveling the westbound side of the pa turnpike at the bensalem off ramp this tractor-trailer here needs to be uprighted. so waiting on, that it is compromising the right hand lane. so again, this is westbound, pa turnpike, at bensalem. not causing too much after problem because we're still not seeing major delays just yet on the pa turnpike, but it is out there, so, just know that if that's where you are headed. we take a look now, overthrew
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to the 30 bypass, overturned vehicle westbound side. seems to be cleared out of the way, eastbound dealing with just some minor problems around the business route 30 area, but nothing major, still, nothing major. fifty-nine southbound also little slow headed into the city, new jersey not bad. forty-two approaching the walt where things are getting sticky. ukee? >> thanks, torrey n sports phillies and braves tonight in atlanta. and it might be tough to top yesterday's win, four phils, combined to no hit the braves on labor day afternoon. cole hamels struck out seven, but through more than 100 pitches, about 108 i think it was, in six innings on sweltering day. jake didn't allow a hit in the seventh, and ken giles struck out the side in the eighth. jonathan papelbon gone mat vern prep product phil gosselin to ends it on liner to darren ruf. fills win seven-nothing, special moment for the phillies, the first combined no-hitter in franchise history. >> i think it is fun to really see the pitching staff, especially because the bullpen
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has been lights out, you know, i was able to get away with six innings, and, you know, i didn't have as much control as i would have like, now have these types every guys come, in shut the door, you know, in the fashion that we did, i would say it is probably pretty imette st. guillen press i have sort of day. >> think coal set the tone today. they had a chance to get him early. they didn't. they settled in. and hand the ball off to us. and we just do what we -- we try to do every night g out there, preserve wins for starter. >> oh, great game. the highlight of the season. cole hamels says by the way the game ball will go to phillies president dave montgomery, who is fighting cancer. we wish dave the very, very best. eagles football is here. and i do mean here. on cbs-3, season opener against the jacksonville jaguires on cbs-3 sunday at 1:00. say it with me now, eagles. >> you know it. you spell so fast, i can't keep up. >> i know, we have limited amount of time here.
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can't stretch it out. >> people got to get to school. >> that's right. >> 6:17. and here's the kay's headlines. chains drawn across the entrail to the atlantic city revel casino. closed its doors at 6:00 this morning, the revel and showboat have closed in the last week. the trump plaza closes in two weeks. >> police are is her clinic for the gunman who shot a 36 year old man near 41st and lancaster in mantua. surveillance camera could help police track down suspect. and there will be vigil tonight at council rock high school in bucks county. today the first day of school since three student were killed and a car crash in the poconos. >> grief counselors will be at school today. we'll be right back.
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>> going breaking news in nashville, new video after massive jail break at youth detention center. thirty-two teens escape late last night, by climbing underneath a fence, during a shift change. that's almost half the teens held there. as every right now 17 are still on the loose. a montgomery county prisoner back behind bars, this morning, after a brief prison break. want to gave you a look right now at police arresting hanger son yesterday afternoon. he was on the run for about two and a half hours after escaping from the montgomery county correctional fast ill any eagleville. he's convicted drug fell on, and he was supposed to go through a program to prepare him for his release. now, he's likely looking at more jail time.
6:22 am
hackers publish naked pictures of some of hollywood's biggest stars, still ahead, thousand they got the pictures and the best way to protect your personal photos. >> plus, laugh a felton shoot 16 a feet high, as a volcano in iceland erupts again. finds out if this could impact air travel, like did the last tim it errupted thousands of flights affected last time. >> sure. >> details
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judge if you are headed back to school today, probably think about wearing some shorts perhaps with a forecast like there is it will be steamy out there. already is steamy but not terribly hot just yet. regardless, it is a lovely looking view, right now, over the center city skyline, 76 the current temperature, high humidity, though, and i can verify that speak i and expect to go shoot up to 92 later today. solid 9 degrees, above the
6:25 am
average, for the norm at philly international. average high 83. again, with some sunshine initially the heat and humidity it will be steamy later today expect a couple scattered showers or storms. >> thank you, and if your making your way back from the shore, after that holiday weekend, jumping on the 42 freeway, watch out for the northbound delay approaching the area of the walt whitman bridge there is shot hire around the area of creek road. so, things are starting to build as we take a look at 95 around cottman avenue, through the construction zones, not awful just yet, but starting to feel the heavy pocket around girard avenue. that's only going to get worse. high speed censors, 422 traveling the pa turnpike and 202, no major problems for mass transit. ukee? >> first human safety trial for experimental ebola vaccine begins this week. >> the fda gave the green light for researchers at the us national national institutes every health to give the vaccine to 20
6:26 am
volunteers. this vaccine will first be tested on three volunteers, if it is considered safe it, will then be give tone another small group of people, to see if it creates strong immune response to the virus. >> also, on the hell watch, could watching action packed television shows make you fat? researchers say people who watch the thriller snack more. most people ate 354 calories worth of various snakes, almost 140 calories more than another group that watched the talk shown. conclusion, faster paced television seemed to distract viewers, and contributed to mindless heating they're calling it. >> yes, when stuff is blowing up, eating your popcorn. >> getting newell it? i understanded. >> listen to music. >> talk longer. >> listen to music. >> there you go, i like it. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, revel casino just closed its doors for good. jan? >> the revel casino and hotel has run out of luck. i'm jan carabeo in atlantic city. it is closed its doors.
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coming up reaction from the boardwalk. >> plus, hackers post naked pictures of a list celebrities on the internet. the same thing could happen to you. we'll show you how to protect your personal photos. >> and torrey and katie return your traffic and weather together. we do it on 39's, back at the bottom of the hour. good morning, family, glad your a ' with us. see now bit. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
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>> the doors of the revel casino are now chained shut, ending two year run on the atlantic city boards walk. >> good morning, everyone, jan carabeo on the board walk right now where she just spoke to few people there up until the final minute. jan? >> reporter: that's right. ukee, erika, a lot of people are sad this morning, and they're afraid that this end of the boardwalk will be a ghosttown, because of revel's closure. you can see, still, very quiet, this morning. this casino and hotel closing at 6:00 a.m. the sign was taken down yesterday, but this morning, the chains were put up. if you remember, revel opened two years ago, to some great fanfare, not so today. couple of security guards simply came out, put the chain up, and walk away that was it. revel is done. inside this morning, this was what the gaming floor look like during the final hours. it was largely empty, some people had been here all night long, soaking in final players, playing the last hand n in its two years, revel never turned a profit. when it filed for bankruptcy
6:31 am
for the second time this year, it never found a buyer. so it had to close. it is a sad situation for everyone. i was able to speak with a few of the last people out of the doors this morning, before revel shut its doors for good. >> and i hate to say it, but i believe that this place will be a ghosttown the next five years due to the philadelphia casinos, the march lan, delaware casinos, and the fact that new jersey just legalized on line gambling, you know, i love this place, because it has so much to offer. you know, the casinos, the nightlife at the beach, but yes, i just don't think that it appeals to the gambler any more. >> but it has been a rough couple of days for atlantic city. revel closing over the last two days, showboat closing on sunday, if you remember, the atlantic club closed earlier this year, that is three in the last eight months. but, again, it is not the last trump plaza scheduled to close in september 16th, of course
6:32 am
resource center being set to up help all of these people, that's close to 8,000 people out of work or one third of atlantic city entire work force. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. if you are still holding onto revel clips or vouchers, here's what you need to know. you can redeem they will still at the revel general cashier office monday through friday, up until the end of the month. after that, though, do you have file a claim through us bankruptcy court. so it pays to take care of t if you still have it cash out, outwent do so soon. trump plaza meanwhile will be the next atlantic set i casino to close laying off more than 1100 workers like january told us it, will seize operations september 16th, the fourth casino to go out of business this year. that will leave atlantic city with eight casinos. community members and local leaders rally outside after south philadelphia store. some residents are concerned about claims they're selling realistic looking bb guns. demonstrators outside the point save supermarket in point breeze demanded they stop selling the guns.
6:33 am
"eyewitness news" crew enters the store, there weren't any on the shelves. but, protesters say, this cell phone video shows kids with the bb guns purchased there this weekend. they also say children can remove the orange tip and color them black to make them look like real guns. what's going to happen when they sell that gun to one of these young men, they are all here robbing or act like they're going shoot one and someone kill them? what's going to happen? what's going to happen? >> philadelphia police officers were on the scene to make sure the rally remained peaceful. neighbors say the store had the guns for sale on sunday. the stores owner declined to talk to us during the protest, and has not returned calls to comment. it is 6:33, here's your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, pretty steamy start to the day for sure here in the delaware valley. we've got high humidity, allowed some fog to settle in, very classic type of a thing that you tend to see at this time of year. as you're transitioning between summer and fall.
6:34 am
show you camera that really just shows that very well, in a second. storm scan3, all-in-all, very quiet for the moment. cold front will move n oh, check it out. cuts town camera outside of the area middle school there. soccer fields in the for grounds becomes all you can see, i can tell you when i brought the cam up a say ten, 15 myths ago, you couldn't even mark out the farm in the background, so starting thin out little bit. product of the sunlight now that the sun is up it basically helps to scour out the low-lying cloud cover. again you see this all the time this time of year. let's talk dew point, though. it is steamy outside. we expect dew points to stay at least initially generally into the low and mid 70s, but should drop at least little through the day, so it is oppressive as opposed to insufferable. i know not too much difference, there but hot and steamy day. we know, 92 degrees the expected high in philly, just about ten above the average. victoria, over to you. >> those words are so depressing. >> i know. >> oh, well, i hate to follow it up with some traffic delays, but those are the
6:35 am
hands that we're dealt today. take a look outside. start you with the situation that we've been dealing with quite some time on the pa turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike to the bensalem off ramp, overturned tractor-trailer compromising the right hand lane. you can still exit at this off ramp. notice few vehicles are getting by. so, it is one lane only. it is causing a bit after problem. but not seeing too much volume in that area. so, it could be a lot worse. we will definitely let you know when that truck is uprighted and then out of the way. we take a look now at return hour declares eastbound on 422 definitely starting see volume building making your way down 202. note. that will again still not awful overall. but there we go, rush hour, 26 on 95, southbound starting to see that slow down approaching the betsy ross bridge down through the vine st. expressway, schuylkill moving in slow pockets in an area. good news for the made in america festival, reopened spring guards tone martin luther king drive still closed at 23rd and 25th. ukee? >> thank you, happening today, school bell rings to start the
6:36 am
year for camden area students, mayor dana red and other city officials are scheduled to meet and greet parents as they take their children to their first day of classes. >> scene around many parts of our area, good luck to you all. >> appropriately september is national college saving month. >> for more we're joined by cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger, live for us in london. hi, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> when should we start to save for college? >> reporter: i know you expect me to say as soon as possible. but let's start with what families really need to do first. they have got to get their financial houses in order. how do you do that? you pay down your consumer debt. you establish that emergency reserve funds. and then you fund your retirement savings. then you can begin to save for college. >> all right, so what are the most common education savings vehicles? >> reporter: when you look at
6:37 am
it -- real interesting. because if you look at this world, there is tons of choices. first of all, some families are still using double-e savings bonds. because the interest is tax free when they're redeemed to pay for qualified higher education expenses. but, rates are really low right now. so a lot of people have abandoned the double-e bonds. now check out what a coverdel education savings account. because this, in this account, you can put any type of investment. but, remember, coverdel limit today certain taxpayers, if you make too much money you won't be able to do it. >> contribution limit is $2,000 per year per beneficiary. but as you guys know, we talk about this before. my favorite, all time savings vehicle, the 529 plan it allows for tax advantage investing for college. contributions grow tax free, they're not taxed upon withdrawal, as long as you use them for higher education costs. >> and jill, rather than save for college, many rely on
6:38 am
future grants to cover costs. is that okay? >> well, you know, the problem this is great college savings mitt. i know grants are fantastic. but you know in many cases they're not sufficient to pay the total nut for a loft colleges. the pell grant, it covers about 10 percent of current private for your -- four year college costs, maybe another 20% from work study. but to help you find money for college, i have great website for you, t has loads of information about savings, loans, and scholarships. i urge to you check it out. and again, do this as soon as you can. i know that the conversations are tough with kids as they get into high school. you really want to have these conversations about college earlier when they're in junior high school or middle school as the kids call it today. >> exactly right. thank you, jill, good information. good stuff, thanks so much. on line security once again the topic of conversation after one of the biggest
6:39 am
celebrity hacking incidents ever. >> but celebrities aren't the only ones at risk, some tips to keep your stuff safe. of course use different passwords, change them often. also something opting out of cloud sharing, checking privacy settings and also using a two-step verification system. >> it is almost impossible to completely bullet proof your life, we share so far stuff, use so many cloud services which are really great for backing you up information, keeping it safe, accessing different information, but adds agree of vulnerability, it is out there somewhere. >> apple adds security gap with its program after this latest breach. but it does make you nervous. >> it does. >> hoops celebrities, can happen to anyone. >> important information about cheese recall. that's next. >> oh, hang on, cheesier? >> cheese. >> pay attention. also ahead, back to school this week for many students in our area. doctor rob is here, necessary our studio with a lesson on ways to help your child go to the head of the class. >> and, what a spectacular site, volcano in iceland re
6:40 am
erupts sending rivers of lava flowing big time. but, is it impacting air travel? we'll talk about it on the other side. >> ♪ >> 76 degrees, that's not even counting the humidity. >> hot in the sit. >> i hot at the beach. hot in the poconos. >> it is just hot hot hot. >> on september 2nd, good morning, family, we'll be right bacack. male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. coastal villages,s scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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le announcer: commemorate the wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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>> important food recall. more than 7,000 cases of kraft american singles were pulled from store shelves. a supplier apparently did not store an ingredient at the correct temperature, and some of the cheese may have already spoiled. now, the recalled products have best use by dates of february 20 and 21, the year 2015. now, no one has reported getting sick from the cheese yet. that's a good thing. but just a heads up for you. all right, right now, 6:43, first day back to school, for some student. how are we looking? >> pretty quiet, will feel steamy at the bus stop, regardless the sun will shine today. actually really help heat things up. by the way would would love to skee your pictures from back to school. we would love to see them.
6:44 am
avenue feeling we'll see a loft stylish tank tops and shorts out there today, though, because will get steamy. talking temperatures in a s but the next frontal boundery awaiting in the wings, brinking in very damaging weather across portions of the midwest, northern high planes the last few days, by the time it reaches us, actually i think it will be fizz link at least little bit, and the timing on our side, too, because comes through later tonight when we lost the heating of the day and the instability triggered by the solar energy to get really nasty storms going. that will be with us, at least, helping things out. there will be some scattered showers, storms. your pollen report, medium high levels. it is that time of year. we have fall allergy season, and very likely going to be bothering you if you suffer from ragweed, chenopod or any grass allergies, today, though, no sooner dot kids go back and finally turns into summer, right? 92 degrees today, hot with some sun, and steamy, eventually shower or storm, tomorrow, still warm, despite that cold front passage, but will be a less less humid. torrey over to you. >> good morning, live chopper three hd over the scene of the overturned tractor-trailer
6:45 am
accident. the westbound side of the pa turnpike, right at the bensalem off ramp. as you will note here, they have finally upright that tractor-trailer. but they have put few cones out. so, only one lane that is getting by, ever so slightly, because you will notice few of those cones are kind of pushing into the mid-way of the lane, but, they are making progress here. you can still exit the westbound side of the pa turnpike at bensalem. so, we will definitely keep you update on when it does evolve into full clearing. but again, definately something to watch out for this morning if that's where you're headed. ninety-five southbound volume building, betsy ross through the vine st. expressway, pockets on the schuylkill, westbound city avenue out through to gladwynn, eastbound throughout really your western suburbs, and little bit of volume building approaching the vine st. expressway, and you do want to be mindful of disable vehicle on the roost develop at large street. no major problems however for mass transit. but now schedule for the manayunk norristown line. ukee? >> chains stretched across the
6:46 am
entrance to atlantic city revel casino. casino closed its doors for good, at 6:00 this morning. also, council rock high school south in bucks county opens today just days after three students were killed in a car crash in up-state pennsylvania. grief counselors will be available today, and vigil will remember the victims tonight. and, from sports, four phillies pitchers combine to no hit the braves yesterday afternoon in atlanta. it is the first ever combined no-hitter for the fighting phils, and the 11th in major league baseball history. ♪ all right, no more fighting, summer officially over. student rent now headed back to school. >> aside from hitting the books, how do you make sure your child has a-plus year when it comes to their health? family physician doctor rob dan off at the head of the class this morning with some advice. good morning, sir. all right, good health and better learning. how do they correlate? make it happen.
6:47 am
>> absolutely. do you know anyone time, 20% every kids not hearing correctly or their vision isn't that good? so we have to make sure that that's okay. also, a good healthy breakfast, and also good sleep. because you know what, if you are hungry and tired you are not going to learn. >> true. >> want to talk about the first day nerves, especially for little one maybe going to kindergarten for the first time or just anxious. what do you say to that child? >> for little ukee, here is a little book to help up for kindergarten so you are not nervous, but you want to focus on the movement sometimes relate it to what they did in the summer, maybe to camp, the kids they'll meet, activities you'll do, so help them with that. also besides friends, the teach remembers nice, and they're going to draw and learn, so a lot of times it is the parents who are nervous than goes to the kids, and then they get all nervous. so we want to make sure sure we reassure them, we will be back for them when they get home, there are barmes, there they won't get hungry because they'll be fed. and college kids going a which for the first time, i don't know about you, but oh, who is
6:48 am
my roommate going to be? >> something to think. >> so we want to reassure them, i'm big with pictures, sends them pictures, something to snake them smile, laugh. we work through this together. also talk to them watch are their fears, then say we'll get through it together. you know, it will be good. >> very nice a lot of kids have conditions, like asthma. >> yes. >> talk to us about the asthma situation, thousand stay on top of it to make the school year go smooth? >> glad you mention that, one in nine children have as m you agree? it is important asthma action plan, we sends information to the school. not all kids waist, they may cough or get short of breath. make sure that there is extra medications at school, they know what it do in case after health emergency. they know who to call. you know, one in five parents don't even lever their numbers or emergency contact. so real important to leave emergency contact, the name of the physician just in case. also, any allergies, food allergies, bee sting allergies, need to know about that keep medications at school in case. >> so talk to the nurse about
6:49 am
all of those? >> great point. the school nurse is so important, want to give him or her the information they need. plus samples of their medication in case their child needs it for sure. >> medical history updated from day one. >> immunization, i know you don't like shots, but measles, mumps bees rubella, per it is cents is, hooping cough, be sure the kids are immunized for their health. >> back packs, hello kitty back pack, make sure that we need no more than tens of their body weight. sometimes they pack it like luggage, too heavy, they fall back. also, i know, here is a a.m. he will for both of you for your teachers, be healthy. but the biggest thing is balance is the key. when the kids get home from school they need time to relax, to play again. and then get them into a routine, routine, routine. >> apple a day. >> yes. >> keeps doctor rob away. >> and the we want to see you back here, thanks, doctor rob. thanks for the snack. >> as the kids head back to school we would love to see the first day photosment tweet
6:50 am
your picture to us using hashtag cbs-3 mornings, you may see it here on "eyewitness news". granny apples? >> yes. >> nice. >> and they're organic. >> we want organic? rinse that thing off. 6:50. time to see what's coming up on cbs-3 this morning. >> nora owe done nel with your preview. >> good morning, back in the routine here, as well. i had president obama leaves today to meet with nato allies about isis. political director john dickerson will join us with how foreign policy decisions could affect the midterm elections. plus, the investigation into the massive hacking of celebrities nude photos. we're taking a closer look at how security breach of apple's i cloud may have compromised user accounts watch it may mean for the launch of new apple products this september. new way to vote with your wallet. nancy court is tries out app that lets you scan items at the grocery store to find out the political leaning of the company behind the products. how about that? news is back in the morning,
6:51 am
see you in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you. >> you got a double. >> that's right. a double on that one. thanks so much. all right, carrie underwood used the labor day holiday to make special announcement. can you figure out what it is? looking at that picture, end listed the help of her dogs it announce she is expecting. it will be the first child for the country star and husband, mike fisher. the couple married back in 2010, in a southern style wedding in georgia. the baby is due to arrive sometime in the spring, congratulations. >> indeed. we'll be right back. first a look at what's coming up tonight right here during evening prime time viewing on cbs-3.
6:53 am
6:54 am
check out, incredible video from ice lan, molten lava pours from crack in the volcano. lava spewing from the same crack as a small erruption happened on friday. although experts are not expecting any flight disruptions, thousands of small earthquakes have rocked that region, the last few days. that is lead to go concerns the main volcano marie result. so watching things there. all right, one last check on the traffic and weather together. katy? >> casino every like chain reaction, get earthquake, then ends up with the little erruptions, meanwhile, we take it back here, stateside. looking ahead to hot, steamy day, guys, already off to warm start here. seventy-six, muggy degrees, at the airport, as well as up in northeast philly, currently most of you are into the low
6:55 am
70s, say, for couple of choice outlying re more remote suburbs. meanwhile today would be great excuse to hit the beach. should be real nice day. it is hot, steamy, just what you would want with low rip countries being, modest breeze, and a high uv index, so latter on the sun block if you are lucky enough to have a day at the beach. >> be sure to be mindful of the sun glare, put the shades on, pull the shade down. looking at the pa turnpike, still trying to get rid of the overturned tractor-trailer t has been up the righted. westbound turnpike at the bensalem off ramp causing bit of delay in the area. speaking of delays, 59 southbound, jammed approaching cottman down through the vine. fifteen your average through the schuylkill. hit the usual pockets on 76. so expect it to look like 76 this morning. also, we have disable vehicle on the roosevelt boulevard at large street. and if you are making your way back from the shore, watch out for delays on 42 northbound and northbound 55, again, usual rush hour. no problems however for mass transit. erika? >> tour, thank you, neighbors heff a bear cub in
6:56 am
pennsylvania cross something off his buck list you might say. had this bucket stuck on his head that bucket since june. wildlife officials say they couldn't real dow anything since the bear wasn't hurting anyone, thankfully, though, neighbors took matters into their own hands, and used a saw to help free that bear who then right back to the woods. good thing mama bear wasn't around. >> what are you doing to my babe. >> i this might be the coolest unborn baby ever. >> check out this little guy. the ultrasound photo here giving what appears to be thumbs-up. >> nice. >> the baby's father shared the photo on red it, gone viral since then. fans of the photo on social media have been quick to nickname him ponsy, a prepare re atly so, the happy days charge here always flashed a thumbs-up. >> i wonder if henry winkler has seen that yet? >> that baby needs an instagram account. >> oh, yes. >> thumbs-up babe. >> i coming up on sister station the "cw philly" revel casino is now closed for good. >> we'll have reaction from the boardwalk as the chains go
6:57 am
up and the casino shuts down this morning. >> and please keep in mind you can now finds the "cw philly" on comcast xfinity channel 13 or 811, also on verizon fios 16 or hd516 or on ccn17 or hd1017. >> coming up next on cbs this morning, being in a relationship apparently good for your heart in more than one way. what you need to know next. >> keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. we certainly hope you can join
6:58 am
6:59 am
tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, september 2nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama heads to europe to find help in the fight against terror group isis. tornado, hail, and flash flooding slam the midwest. millions face more severe weather today. plus, did apple drop the ball? new accusations in the photo hacking scandal rocking the internet. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> president obama will try to rally support to stop the isis advance. >> president heads to europe to try and tackle two national crises. >> first stop will be in estonia